Doo Wop Dictionary By Robert Heimer Sr
Doo Wop Dictionary. The slang talk of the50s Interesting and colorful talk of the 50s

Do Wop Dictionary Actor-One who shows off –

Ankle Biter-Small Child

Ape.go Ape-State of anger

 Are you writing a book
Response to someone who is asking too many questions.

Back seat bingo
Necking on a parked car
A WOMENS hairdo in which the hair is piled in a cinical shape atop the head and held in place with lots of hair spray

Big Daddy
An older person
Bit-An act
Blow-To leave to play music
Wonderful Bread
Cat-a cool person, usualy a male
Cool-Excellent,first rate;in the know
Cool it
Calm down relax,be quiet
Especialy goodCube
A straight
un cool person
Cut it out-To leave
D.A.(Ducks Ass),Ducktail,Duck ButtA mans hairstyle worn by greasers in which the hair on the sides is combed back and parted in the middle of the head. Daddy-O
A term of endearment,usualy in direct reference to another person
1932 Ford Model B, The favorate converson car of most hotrodders

To comprehend,to approve of.
Doo-Short for hairdoDrag
-A bore,something unfortunateFaked out- A disapointing date or meeting.
Flat top.
A man’s hairstyle in which the hair is cut on the back and sides in a close crew- cut manner and flat across the top

Flip To become very excited
For real- Real serious
Fracture- To cause amusement
Frosted- Very angry
Fruit-Odd or strange person annoying person jerk. Fruity- Not appealing
Getting to (first,second or third) base Various stages of male-Intimacy/making out
Get with it-To understand.
Goose it.To accelerate while driving
Greaser- A male who wears his hair with an inordinate amount of pomade grease usually in a D.A style
Heavy petting-Intimate touching between a couple durning necking
Hickey- A mark left by an over zealous suiter leaving a 
purplish discoloration generally on the neck.
Home run- Sexual Intercourse
Hot rod,An older car stripped of most non essential item and fitted with a modified. more powerful engine.
In Orbit- In the knowJalopy An old and/ or battered automobile
Jellyroll-A men’s hairstyle in which the hair is combed up and forward on both sides and rolled together above the middle of the fore head
Kick- A good thing
Lay it on me- Tell me ,give it to meLike wow.
Exclamation of being impressed
Make out- To neck
The Most-
Deserving of high praise

Nest- Hairdo
Nuggets-Loose change
Pad- One’s home
Peepers- Eyeglasses
Platter- Phonograph record
Popm- Short for pompadour,a type of men’s hair style in which the sides of the hair are combed back while the top of the hair is fanned forward and curles over it’s self

Rag top- A convertibilty car
Real gone- Volatile, deeply in love

Session- a Dance or social gathering, an engagement for musicians,eithercasual and unrehearsed or of prepared material for recording purposes
Sounds- Live or recorded music
Split- To leave
Threads- Clothing
Tight- On close personal terms .good friends Unreal- Beyond comprehension
Extraordinary wail- To drive fast,to play music with intensity and vigor.
Watching the submarine races- Seerious necking by a couple in a car parked in a deserted area ( popularized by New York DJ Murray the K.who was referring to the young couples who parked along Plum Beach or any secluded locale to make out
Wedgie- A tormenting or teasing prank perpetrated upon a male victom in which the waistband of the victom’s underpants is grabed and jerked upward, pulling the garment into a position very uncomfortable to the wearer.