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Fats Domino Classic oldies
Music News
28 Dec 2021 20:44
Musicians often find themselves in the proverbial "catch-22" of having to take a regular job to fund their music but then not having enough time or energy left at the end of the day to pursue their musical endeavors. It begs the question: "How to fund my music without trading hours for checks?" The good news is, there is a way! Here's 5 music funding "secrets" for earning passive income to fund your music projects.
12 Nov 2021 15:19
Lil Boosie Net Worth Lil is an outstanding American rapper. He releases various studio accumulations. Lil was caught in Louisiana State Penitentiary edge 2009 to 2014. He puts in eight years in Jail for steady charges.Torrence Hatch Jr. was imagined on November 14, 1982, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA. His cousin presents him with rapper Baton Rouge in 1990. In 1996 he joins Concentration Camp social event when he was 14. He joins C-Loc in 2005 he with C-Loc release his accumulation "It's a Gamble" in 2000 it was released it's was the most surely understood gathering and was a high settling accumulation. In 2001 he joins "Trill Entertainment". In 2002 he releases his first gathering with Trill Entertainment was "For My Thugz" this accumulation was the best and peak on the best once-over of Billboard.
5 Oct 2021 13:35
Starting the Drum It With Brummet blog back in January 2021, was one of the tools we are using to achieve more exposure and to create a networking hub with other musicians, and to offer support to those working in the music industry. In particular we encourage my students to visit the blog, as there is a lot of helpful information there for them to browse.
19 Jul 2021 13:48
Tailored to your needs, regulatory excitement, body-vibes, toe-tapping, rump-shaking, and finger popping grooves; after being on the music scene as a solo artist over the last four years, Varges Thomas is still emerging and streaming across digital and mainstream radio stations around the world. The music business is definitely not for the weak or faint of heart.
29 Jun 2021 21:36
Who would have ever thought that an independent artist could take a ole school song and make it popular again? What was once lost is now found with a new sound and has emerged on the musical scene with a sultry feel.
9 Mar 2021 22:56
Interested in a career in the Sound and Music Industry? Enroll at Soundideaz Academy. Situated strategically in Andheri West, providing the right industrial exposure.
17 Sep 2020 13:32
When Trevor Noah asked Burner Boy, what he thinks is responsible for the sudden rise of Nigerian pop, I disagreed with the answer he gave. According to Burner Boy, music moves from one nation to another and that eventually, it will move away again. The genres of music that was Nigerian pop were Highlife and Juju music.
2 Mar 2020 13:22
Rump shaker, party maker, Quincy and Ray said "let the good times roll." With hardcore grooves and beats "Juice" is whatever flavor you choose to drink. The horn section riffs are of a Jacksons' type vibe with an Earth, Wind, and Fire touch; along with funky James Brown guitar riffs.
9 Jan 2020 23:52
Are you a rapper or an aspiring rapper curious about where to source for beats? Are you a music producer or an enthusiast curious about the reasons why many artists are choosing to buy beats online? For any of the above reasons or others, one of the undeniable trends in the music industry is that many musicians are now opting to buy rap beats online. In fact, a great number of independent rap artists and future rap artists are choosing to embrace technology when sourcing for hip hop beats or instrumentals online, for a number of reasons. Here are some of the key reasons below.
9 Jan 2020 23:47
Loving the Rockers off the Cover Bands in Las Vegas was easy when I sat down for the first show and they had the whole audience swaying to the music from the first beat. I fell in love on the dance floor. Where, besides Las Vegas, could this happen?
10 Jul 2019 14:26
Musical development software has been in existence since the 1960s. Like any other technology. It has been refined and improved over the years to arguably its best ever state. Today, computers can make musical notes by themselves and it is widely acknowledged that the future of music is computer based. One company that is at the heart of this musical future is Automap.
10 Jul 2019 14:12
It is often the trait of a great band that they can be remembered for one masterful album alone. For Led Zeppelin, this album was their fourth album. For Dire Straits, it was Brothers in Arms.
10 Jul 2019 13:59
After several decades of disappearance, over thirty plus years; thirty-six to be exact, there has been a resurgent in some old school music that moves you. Back in the day in the late spring of May the latter part of that month in the year1983 there was a group from out of Dayton, Ohio named "New Horizons" who hit the top 40 Billboard R&B music charts with a single titled "Your Thing Is Your Thing" produced by Roger Troutman from the album "Something New" Well, that was the end of that followed by another single titled "Searching For That Lady" taken from the groups second album "Gonna Have Big Fun" in1984; you can't really say a one hit wonder as much as you can say a one miss wonder.
13 May 2019 17:46
This article details all aspects of branding your music image online. It pretty much covers everything in a step-by-step easy to follow guide. I'll explain why it's vital to professionally brand yourself.
10 May 2019 14:23
There are a ton of people out there claiming to be music marketing experts, music publicity experts, and social media experts. Yep - Literally thousands upon thousands. When it comes to marketing and publicizing your music you have a wide variety of good choices.
25 Jul 2018 12:23
This article explains why music reviews of your new CD release, interviews, and press are crucial to the success of your record. How a full-fledged music publicity campaign with a professional music publicist can accelerate your music project to the next level.
17 May 2018 14:09
Whichever genre you listen to (Reggae, Hip-hop, Hard Metal, Rock n Roll, Soul, Jazz, Classical etc.) there's always an Artist(s) who at their Peak Revolutionized the industry and inspired a generation with their Lyrics, Talent, Songs, Personality, and Performance.
11 May 2018 18:46
Okay, it's kind of interesting that in 2018 we're still talking about them. I mean, we're supposed to have hover-boards, flying cars, self-tying shoes, and time travel should be a thing of the past. Sorry, Marty, we're not there yet. As the world becomes more and more digitized with things like SoundCloud, Spotify and Facebook it may feel like business cards for musicians are a bit old-fashioned. But are they really? Well, we're human...
9 May 2018 18:56
How music licensing works. Why it's important and why you need to ensure you license music correctly for your digital content.
7 May 2018 14:53
When it first became popular, electronic dance music was not something that common people chose to listen to. EDM, or electronic dance music, was only popular in a few select circles. However, 2017 seems to have brought about a change in the popularity of this music, and during that year, the EDM genre hit a growth spurt that launched it into the headphones and speakers of millions. YouTube videos blew up,album sales soared, and even festival tickets rose once the world caught wind of this interesting electronic music. Clubs began to play the music more, and people began to buy albums with the music on it for their own homes. 2017-2018 was just the start. Electronic dance music continues to grow today, filling the ears of listeners with the different but incredible sound.
4 May 2018 20:13
In this article, the author, explains in explicit detail, every aspect and element of putting together a professional music press kit (EPK) that will attract music industry a big way. All the details, graphics, and pertinent information that is 100% necessary for a professional presentation is provided in detail.
12 Apr 2018 19:06
A lot of musicians are literally throwing their money down the drain. I'm not talking about that awesome new guitar pedal you just bought... instead I'm talking about Facebook boost posts.
9 Apr 2018 20:28
Quality barbershop harmony should be experienced by all. Those who participate in the singing the rich, barbershop-style harmonies, become hooked, and there's no turning back.
5 Apr 2018 16:07
Most aspiring guitarists give up their dream of becoming a guitarist as they have scant knowledge about learning a guitar. The first and foremost thing which an aspiring guitarist should have while he approaches the guitar is a positive attitude. Most guitar players lose the plot midway since they think that they are not good enough or they do not have those innate qualities which can make them a successful guitarist.
8 Mar 2018 19:41
One common thing that I hear a lot from musicians is "I used Facebook ads once and it didn't really work for me." And that's common for a lot businesses not just musicians. But as musicians we're not selling a solution to a problem like a dentist, or a lawyer. So we have to go about marketing music differently.
8 Mar 2018 19:40
A lot of bands and musicians do a great job of getting email addresses at a show, on tour, or even exchanging a free Mp3 for an email address. But they let the list get cold by only sending them two emails a year. One promoting your new album or tour and then one during Black Friday because you're hoping to sell some merch.
8 Mar 2018 19:39
Some of you might have seen that Mark Zuckerberg is changing the Facebook algorithm so that posts from friends and families show up on timelines more than from a business page, a musician page, or a media page. Now, if you're in a band, you might be worried because especially for the last four or five years, we've basically been told that if you want to market your music, with with social media or Facebook more specifically, you need to post organically, do this daily and you're going to engage your fan base. This is going...
7 Mar 2018 20:45
Way back, in '09, July time, I went to see Leonard Cohen's World Tour at the Mercedes-Benz World. The memory of that concert has stuck with me for nine years. In this article I reflect on the man, his legacy, and what we can learn from him.
13 Feb 2018 15:04
When it comes to searching the best way to iTunes Encoding, you should know about the five basic types of encoders. Transfer your files to your preferred format from iTunes to your MP3 or Apple iPod as well as iPhone whether they are songs or videos.
31 Jan 2018 19:27
You do not have to change your sound to appease to everyone. The goal is to find people/fans who like your sound, not to try to make your sound fit everyone's ears.
29 Dec 2017 13:09
You've heard about the danger of having a band that just doesn't show up for an event... It's catastrophic when the band no-shows your event, and if it happens, what recourse do you have? Perhaps you can get your money back, but the event is ruined.
12 Nov 2017 15:29
Michael Jackson was the kind of person who was very lonely from inside but kept on smiling, exactly following his song "Smile". Though he was always inundated with everyone and everything he could be but the fact was that he himself wanted the world to see the real him. A lonely person waiting for someone to be called his friend, buddy, brother, sister, wife and God knows what more.
2 Nov 2017 13:40
R&B legend Fats Domino passed away on 10/24/2017, but he left a string of great hits. Here's a look at his twenty biggest.
29 Oct 2017 13:34
You may think it strange but in the music world today, music doesn't have so much to do with lyrics and vocals. An artist can still enjoy great success when the beat is really good. The beat has become an important factor in the success of an artist and therefore it is being given a lot of attention today. There are different kinds of beats that you can choose and there are also different categories. The kind of beat you choose can determine the classification you are given.
3 Oct 2017 12:58
SoundCloud offers the platform to artists across the world to promote their music online. New and experienced artists are taking this route to gain visibility and spread their music. To make your profile stand out of the crowd, SoundCloud Music Promotion is effective! Your talent will gain immense popularity in SoundCloud arena.
29 Sep 2017 16:34
"Do you hear the people sing? Singing the song of angry men!" This line is from the well-known musical play and film Les Miserables, it is a French Historical novel by Victor Hugo.
21 Sep 2017 15:35
The simplicity of these 3 steps to a successful music career will blow your mind. I show ways to re-program your brain to focus on only what really matters when it comes to achieving music success. Explaining how feelings and emotions, Your work ethics and most importantly your mind. Learn how to harness these 3 simple steps and you will have the upper hand on your competition.
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